So I come back home after a long tiring day running around the city in a rickshaw and find a thick book with a “Snow White in Goth land” type cover lounging on my bed, waiting for me and think, “It’s a gift from heaven, now all I need is some tea and privacy…”
Then I read the back cover

About three things I was absolute positive.
First, Edward was a vampire
Second, there was a part of him- and I don’t know how dominant that part might be- that thirsted for my blood.
And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

Ok up til now it doesn’t sound that bad. A bit ridiculous, but if I can read Miranda Keyes ‘The other side of the Story’ out of sheer boredom I can manage this as well. Plus maybe it’s the Buffy-Spike thing, and I loved that…Spike mostly, what with the accent and the coat and the attitude and wit and the accent and the coat *lost in wispy daydream, but wakes up abruptly*… Khaer I could share him with Buffy, after all she totally kicked ass and deserved an equal in every sense of the word, be it Angel or Spike though Spike is still the better vampire (He’d killed 2 slayers! How many did Angel kill huh?) yada yada

Then I read on:
With his porcelain skin, golden eyes, mesmerizing voice and supernatural gifts, Edward is both irresistible and impenetrable.

My sister tells me he’s inhumanly gorgeous. Every 4th line of the book stresses how beautiful he is. His eyes turn from jet black to gold, he has super strength, super speed, a freaky (her word, not mine) sense of humor which it seems is spent making catty comments about her to her [tip for you aspiring Romeos out there: girls adore intelligent jerks. You want her? Be one (some of you might not even have to try). Call it masochism, or stupidity- whatever.] Edward can read faces- but not Bella’s and he is forever asking her what she is thinking and how she’s feeling and whether she’s comfortable on top of that tree.
Oh, he saves her life too.
This Prince Charming-ish vampire unconditionally loves this clumsy, average looking, nerdy girl and it seems he’s not the only one. She has a gaggle of admirers and I really can’t see why…Bella is irritating. She’s no Buffy at least.

Please don’t tell me he can see her soul deep inside. He’s a frick’n vampire- she could be Jesus in female form and he shouldn’t care.

I can’t stop my sister from reading or watching anything. She’s 15, and 15 year olds deserve the Chase Crawford with the soul of John Mayer dreams. They need the belief that some really amazing person is out there for them because Heaven knows, those hormonal imbalances don’t make life easy. Romance is their drug. So what if it produces hallucinations along with the euphoria?

But it’s harsh when the dreams end. When you realize the geeky girls are still the brunt of jokes, and beautiful people rarely have the time to glance into people’s souls- they’re too busy glancing in glass windows at their own reflection.
It’s harsher when you find out love is never unconditional. It’s like the Pizza Hut deals…get a regular pizza FREE and the ‘free’ has an asterisk. Taxes apply. You’ll want things, He’ll want things. You’ll get clingy and he’ll get defensive. He’ll give you presents and time and will wonder how much of yourself you can give him in return…No, it’s rarely unconditional.

But harshest is when you also realize how necessary it is to find an equal. And how many people you hurt along the way because they are either too good for you, or I don’t know, not good enough? See how cruel that sounds?

You don’t tell that to a 15 year old. You let her dream about Edwards and Spikes.

19 Responses to “Twilight”
  1. Safiullah says:

    Who the heck is Chase Crawford? I only know a Cindy Crawford.

    And I completely agree that love is never unconditional… Thus it is n’t love. It is just an illusion of love as kw rightfully put it.

    Love in its true form is supposed to be unconditional… a mother loving her child even if she knows that he or she will grow up to become a monster…. But trying everything in her power to change that, only because there is a ray of hope for a different future, as future is not written in stone, at least not on earth.

    And I am an big Vampire fan… but Angel an beat the crap out of Spike as he has in Angel, many times. I never watched Buffy cuz I didn’t like Sarah Michelle Geller except when she was in Cruel Intentions.

  2. Musab says:

    Liked what I saw,linking to your blog ….
    Peace !!!

  3. purpledrifter says:

    Its interesting [if not sad] that as you grow older, your views change so drastically about life [and love]. Sometimes I want to go back to being the little kid, where life was all carefree.

    lol, you know what, i’m considering getting the book so that people can stop bothering me to read it! I know its teenage vampire fiction, but i tend to indulge in fiction once in a while and considering the rave and reviews this was getting, I was thinking about getting it. Khair, not so sure now.

    How much is it for in Karachi?

  4. Absar Shah says:

    @purpledrifter: Reminds me of that Evanescence song – “I want to go back to believing in everything and knowing nothing at all.”
    (From Field of Innocence)

  5. Hira S. says:

    My sister wants everyone to know that she doesn’t like Edward. She hates the book, hates Edward and hates Bella. Bella is stupid and stupid people deserve to die.
    End of message.

    Rs 400. But don’t buy it…borrow it from someone and give it back with a grimace saying ” you read this junk?”
    Lol! i’ve gotten progressively romantic. I was born cynical 😀

    Sister’s message: “You don’t know Chase Crawford? You loser!” Message over.
    He’s the dude from gossip girl, i think; not sure though.I just know that a lot of teensy girls have a crush on him.
    I dunno. I believe in love, though it’s more pain than pleasure. It’s a very real emotion and until it bites you, you don’t believe in it.

    Are you kidding me??? Spike is THE vampire. Angel was such a loser “ooh i have a soul…I’m so miserable i should die…but i can’t cuz i’m immortal…wain wain…”

    err…ok. Haven’t heard that song.

    Hey there!! Welcome to my blog!!

  6. purpledrifter says:

    Absar: I used to listen to Evanescence once upon a time. 😛 I guess we all feel like that sometimes.

    KW: Haha, I don’t know anyone in Karachi who er, reads books! :O Well, not from my girl cousins anyway. [And especially not fiction, heh] I’ll just buy it when I come, its very cheap compared to here, so yeah. Where’d your sister get it from? Liberty?

  7. Safiullah says:

    It ‘ll cost less than 60 if you wait a while. I m a Robert Ludlum kinda guy….

    And lady, Its goo that I don’t know Chase whatever cuz then I ‘d be considered gay. I had a discussion with my you-know-who and I proved to her that there is no such thing as unconditional love, in fact there as no such thing as love, cuz according to the romantic definition of love, it should be limitless and boundless, yet nothing in this world is so. And there is no other definition of love.

  8. Safiullah says:

    Ok… Angel maybe has a bit of inferiority complex and identity crysis. But he is THE bad ass among vampire, unless you are considering Blade.

  9. Hira S. says:

    Blade IS badass, second only to Lestat!

    But Spike still beats Angel by a mile.

  10. easypie says:

    On the right hand side of your page you have a list of things to do, you have accomplished how to drive so you should cross that out .

  11. Safiullah says:

    The best vampire ever is either the character of Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire or Count in Sesame Street. Take your pick.

    Dont like the count Dracula much.

  12. SAWJ says:

    Best count ever was Leslie Neilson in I-forgot-the-movie.

  13. Safiullah says:

    And I think we agree to disagree on the Angel Spike thingy! But I am a big fan of Blade.

  14. Saadat says:

    I have actually read the whole Twilight ‘saga’, and the only thing interesting in this series is the Volturi (please don’t ask me what it is) and the reinvention of vampire and werewolf myths. And please also don’t ask me why I read that series at first place; sometimes you just need to torture yourself…

    Eid Mubarak, by the way.

  15. karachiwali says:

    Eid Mubarak 🙂

  16. Safiullah says:

    Hey I m not going to write a damn lecture and I m not going to explain myself, so on your Eid day….

    Assalamo Alaikum.

  17. Theoneyouhate says:

    Hira, kia tum paggggggggli ho? 😛

  18. Hira S. says:

    rasheeedaaaa, is that youuu? 😛

  19. nahl says:

    LOVE this post!

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