I’m braver than a lot of people.
I use my name.
I don’t hide between pictures.
Or aliases.
But that’s a hindrance. It would be so much more safer to be personal under the bullet-proof vest of anonymity.
No. Wrong metaphor.
Wrong metaphor, wrong timing.
Wrong city.

Gotham is not Metropolis. Gotham deserves Batman- a man who will resort to anything to save a worm-infested city; while Metropolis has Superman- a boy scout with awful fashion sense who knows the world needs him more than Metropolis does.

Karachi is our Gotham, now all we need is Bruce Wayne.

Can you hold the phone baby, there’s another newsflash.

There are sprinkles on my brother’s birthday cake. I added them to keep it from looking anemic- Heaven knows why the only flavor of anything he eats is vanilla. There’s only so much white I can take, and only so much darkness. Though I am a chocolate fiend I’d still prefer an Angel food cake rather than the Devil’s.

And you can hear gunfire outside.

Screw Tarantino. Violence is NEVER aesthetic.

8 Responses to “Gotham”
  1. Starman says:

    superman and fashion sense?

    metropolis has superman. which is why metropolis also has supervillains.

    boht ehem farq that most people miss.
    batman won’t do well in metropolis.

    plus in karachi, batman will probably be a mobile chor.

  2. SAWJ says:

    Or be driving a rickshaw instead of the batmobile and making O-turns! 😛

  3. karachiwali says:

    that reminds me of one of my friends who always used to say that he’s very busy cuz he has a lot of responsibilities and then he would quote from spiderman ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ (how lame! 😛 )waise to think of it, spiderman would only be stuck on habib bank plaza or mcb if we had one in karachi

    and yea…i hope your brother enjoyed his birthday at home 🙂

  4. Hira S. says:

    ONCE!!! I made an O turn ONCE!!!!
    So help me God i WILL run you over one day- on purpose!!!

    You’re the expert luv.

    It was ok…would have been funner if the situation was better.
    Lol- that quotes been overused so much it’s almost cliche! Har aera ghaera nattu khaera uses it.
    Spiderman would prolly just stay at home and watch tv.

  5. SAWJ says:

    @Hira and KW: Spiderman would get tangled in the power lines.

  6. karachiwali says:

    he would only watch tv if kesc would be generous enuf 😛

  7. Safiullah says:

    My favourite superhero… Batman!
    Hands down the best superhero DC came up with.

    In karachi we need somebody like the punisher.

    And I friggin’ hate Superman… Fashion sense aside, he is too goodie too shoo for my taste, Spiderman was once a favourite but the the three most pathetic movies cam out.

  8. Safiullah says:

    Now Iron Man is a cool superhero which only an engineer can appreciate, soo he would n’t fare well either.

    I did a post on Dark Knight sometime back and since I don’t want to qoute the whole thing here…
    Loved the movie!

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