They say the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks are young men between the ages 20 to 25.
My brother will turn 21 day after tomorrow.
Whose kid brothers are out there, taking people hostage? Killing indiscriminately?
I don’t know…everyone I’ve talked to is trying to turn this into a conspiracy theory; whereas I keep imagining Hani (my brother) in his ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ T shirt firing an AK 47 into a crowd. My little brother.
My brother’s a baby. He looks at least 25 but he still can’t mix his food properly- he has my mother do it for him. He watches anime 24/7 and can’t tell if it’s time to flip an omelet when one side is cooked. He laughs at slapstick; and thinks a parrot flying into a fan is hilarious, but gets blubbery when people are leaving at the airport- literally cries. He didn’t get over ‘The land before time’ for days, and he was in 5th grade! I remember making so much fun of him. Oh, and he won’t let me drive.

Wese, I’m sure he’s strong enough to pick up an AK 47.
Question is, is he the sort to fire it?
What sort of person do you have to be to kill somebody else?

Once again, I can’t help wondering, whose brothers and sons are out there?

I guess we’ll find out when this ends, and it will end. Like Beslan did. Like Lal masjid did. Blood and more mayhem.

What will happen when those bodies come back home?

How old do you think this boy looks?

PS- A year later Bollywood will turn this into a movie, and scoop up millions of rupees from people dying to see Jon Abraham in a skin tight t shirt, carrying a rifle and saying ‘Allah u Akbar’ while blasting off a gora’s head, and Hrithik as the captain on the National Security Gaurds out to save India from anything from terrorist attacks to nuclear warfare. Priyanka Chopra will play the receptionist at the Oberoi that either, or both are in love with. And all of this, will mean nothing.

Maybe after five years, it might- just might– even become funny.

You have to give credit to mankind’s ability to forget and move on.

10 Responses to “Mumbai”
  1. SAWJ says:

    We all understand why your brother won’t let you drive. 😛

    Khair, there are a lot of reasons behind these people picking up guns. Brainwashing, poverty, illiteracy or ‘deliberate setup by Indian govt to defame Pakistan’ can all be it, or part of it.

  2. Safiullah says:

    Loved the Post Script!

  3. SAWJ says:

    @Safi: Did you just say “Love”? I thought it was an illusion for you…

  4. Safiullah says:

    Its called a figure of speech.

  5. karachiwali says:

    this boy looks hardly 22 to me and doesnt look like a jihadi to me at all. i was watching ratana tata’s interview today on cnn and he repeatedly said that the police just didnt do anything for the first 10-12 hours of the attack. i just think its a stunt by the indian govt to defame pakistan and to use this whole situation to its advantage in the upcoming elections. =

  6. Hira S. says:

    It’s just ugly- whatever happened. These kids had a future, and so did the people they killed. It’s all so pointless and stupid.

  7. Majaz says:

    I’ve got one word in response to this post:


  8. karachiwali says:

    i have a feeling that watever has been happening in karachi is somehow linked to what happened in mumbai.

    further, i just found out that Maharashtra’s CM has offered to resign cuz of the pressure that had been building up on him. it got escalated after his visit to taj mahal hotel along with ram gopal verma. and yes it would get funny wen we’l watch the movie on this whole episode with urmila perhaps doing an item song!

  9. Ayesha T A says:

    Your brother is a rare case. People that age rarely pretend to be so childish as your brother tries to portray himself.

    khair, if you think about what happened in Mumbai, it doesn’t let one put two and two together. What the Indian officials said was there were a total of around 10 terrorists overall who were doing all this. How can a bunch of so few people divided into groups to be at various places simultaneously do something as terrible as what happened? And neither the police nor the army, rangers, etc, could stop it? Frankly, it’s highly unbelievable.

  10. Humna says:

    Its sad. In a word, sad. all this pointless blood and gore, when there could have been an amazing life, future instead. sad.

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