The Riddle of Bob Dylan

When you watch ‘I’m not there’, keep an open mind. If you are ‘all there’ you won’t be able to survive the first few minutes, so turn off the DVD player after reading the title and put on Grey’s Anatomy. This movie will kill you.
But if you aren’t, keep moving forward. Pay attention. To the camera tricks, the symbolism, the craziness, the haziness, the drug-taking narrative that disappears into stumbling words and fading images. You will realize what it is to turn a person into a film- not turn his life into one, don’t get me wrong here- turn a mind, soul and body into a two hour fifteen minute synopsis.
This is the film Picasso would have made for Bob Dylan. This is the film Dylan would have made for Dylan.
This is the film that should have won Cate Blanchett her second Oscar.

Don’t expect a narrative, don’t expect a plot. Don’t expect figuring out why the name Bob Dylan is never used throughout the movie. You can’t look up the people because all of them have aliases, so there is no Jack Rollins, Jude Quinn or Robbie Clarke. But then, what else do you expect from a movie called what it’s called?

Watch ‘I’m not there’ if you love Film and film making, Dylan, or Cate Blanchett. This is one of the few reasons we should not give up on Hollywood.

5 Responses to “The Riddle of Bob Dylan”
  1. Absar Shah says:

    Sounds interesting. You a Dylan fan?

  2. Safiullah says:

    Man… No movie can ever justify the Man that was Bob Dylan.

    And if a movie does n’t live up to the expectation of a fan, then the movie has completely failed. Will watch the movie though!

  3. Hira S. says:

    @ Absar
    Had only heard a handful of songs before the movie but am a huge fan now.
    @ Saffi
    It’s wonderfully done.And it’s not a narrative like Ray was- in fact, it’s very Dylan-ish. Honest, if you’re a fan i’m sure you’ll like it.

  4. SAWJ says:

    SAWJ was here and he doesn’t know Bob Dylan but he’ll watch the movie anyway!

  5. Musab says:

    Correction : The man that IS Bob Dylan.

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