A la Tarantino.

This is the director I’m doing my thesis on:

I am so screwed.

After watching every movie and reading each script about 12 times I didn’t think I’d find anything interesting on youtube. The montages are usually pathetic slideshow presentations with background music, stuff that even I can do and I’m unbelievably backwards when it comes to computers.
But this guy (barringer82) has managed to capture Tarantino’s entire feel within 4 minutes. And I’m impressed at his song selection. Across 110th Street and Chick habit are both from his lesser known movies, Jackie Brown and Death Proof.

The man might snip and copy from every movie on the planet, but his end products are unmistakably Tarantino.
Who else can make a Bruce Lee martial arts movie mixed with a spaghetti western in epic revenge fashion?
And who else can use the Bible and Christianity’s theme of sin and redemption in such a twisted way?
Oh, and name some other director who can make accidentally blowing off somebody’s skull a comic situation?

I love Quentin Tarantino.

8 Responses to “A la Tarantino.”
  1. SAWJ says:

    A girl who likes gore? Strange!

  2. Hira S. says:

    this is stranger: a girl who hates chick flicks (:D)
    Tarantino movies DO have a lot of blood, but it’s very rarely disturbing. Usually because the situations themselves are completely ridiculous (e.g uma thurman massacring the crazy 88, kurt russell using his car to kill off rose mcgowen n her girlfriends.)
    The only really violent scene in a tarantino movie was the ear-cutting in reservoir dogs. And even in that, we’re not shown the err…’surgery’. You just see the ear in Mr. Blondes hand later.

    O.k. so maybe it is a bit gory…

  3. Absar Shah says:

    If you want blood and humor together, you should watch my bhateeja when he gets a scratch. He runs around the place, screaming ‘Thoon! Thoon!’ 😛

  4. Safiullah says:

    Dude I m a big Quentin Tarantino Fan! I could n’t get enough of Reservoir Dogs, I laughed straight through the movie.
    I heard he was doing a B movie with his twist… Did n’t see it though. I also heard they were going to hire him to make the last bond movie but did n’t cuz he wanted Pierce Brosnan as bond and he was asking too much money.

    And I can’t believe a chick can ever like these movies! Something ia very worng here!!!

  5. Hira S. says:

    What??? You sexist!!! Why can’t we like Quentin Tarantino movies? I LOVE his first three films (resevoir dogs, pulp fiction and jackie brown), moderately like his final two (too stylistic less substance) and can’t wait for his next (inglorious bastards, remake of a ridley scott film).

    B movie with a twist is Death Proof- it’s made like one of the grindhouse movies of the seventies. Kinda cheap n crude, but still fun.
    QT doing Bond?!! that’d be a laugh!

  6. Safiullah says:

    Yeah I laughed at the idea as well… but the friend who told me is usually right! so….

    And I m no Sexist!!!! Its just that Quentin Tarantino movies are pretty violent and chicks usually don’t dig thumb screws and nail pullings!

    Speaking about violence, loved the three Hannibal movies but the fourth one not that much.

  7. Safiullah says:

    And I have watched Death Proof then, but I started somewhere in the middle so I did n’t know the name! Now I do!

  8. Hira S. says:

    @ Safi
    Don’t mention it.
    Watched Jackie Brown? It’s lower key than pulp or rd, but Samual L Jackson and Robert De Niro are hilariously fun, and it has one of the toughest lead women characters i’ve ever seen in cinema.

    Oh, n you have to watch out for the cameo appearance by chris tucker!

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