My blog is unbelievably self-centered. Nothing screams “Look at me! Look at me!” than a header with your own picture adorning it, and a url like http://www.hiragoeson.blogspot.com. But in my defence, I don’t ask people to come here and read anything. There are wonderful, earth-changing blogs in the web world featuring authors who strive to make this planet happier, safer and greener [you might find one or two on the right], but this is, in a very self satisfied way, not one of them. Never have I claimed to want to make a difference. I like chaos and disruption, which is why I’m still here. Pakistan is exciting and Pakistanis amuse me. In fact, we amuse the rest of the world too- which is why Americans probably performed a Washington luddi when Zardari was elected. Finally someone has a president dumber than theirs.

However, things change. Be it Obama or McCain, the next US president will be Einstein compared to George W; and the United States will no longer hang her head in shame. We might have Biden gaffes and Palin-isms [primarily Palin-isms, I assume] but for every mispronunciation and political lunacy, there’ll be an Obama speech or McCain joke to balance it out. Sadly though, Zardari is neither witty, nor thought provoking; nor Gillani a hockey mom with lipstick, or a politician with 35 years experience. So I guess we’ll finally have the dubious honour of winning Earth’s most idiotic and incompetent political regime award. Our special talent: A cabinet which asexually reproduces itself so that the blame can be divided into millions of parts once it officially begins to rain down (blame, I mean, not cabinets).


22 new federal ministers added today. So taxpayers, now there’ll be a few other children you’ll be sending to Europe for higher education, and a few more houses you’ll be paying to have refurbished and some more world tours that you’ll be funding with your hard earned income. Allah ajar de ga; deney wala haath hona chahiye lene wala nahi.

See? Don’t you miss my happy-go-lucky self involvement?

My world is screwed up enough without outside help, thank you. I’d rather not worry about Zardari’s houses or Sara Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe because neither of them will ever read my blog, or receive my phone calls; and they sure as hell won’t lend me money. My bad-duas will probably bounce off them and hit Jon Stewart, and I don’t want to live with the guilt of giving Mr. Stewart small pox.

So. Who wants to hear about my day?

10 Responses to “Rambling.”
  1. Majaz says:

    You change the world every day, lady.

    You make people grin irrepressibly.

  2. hina says:

    u make funny ^_^..i’ve got some pics for you…related to this post of urz…

  3. Absar Shah says:

    One, you misspelled ‘defense’.

    Two, hello… have you read my blog? The title says “I AM the Universe” in big bold letters, and you call this self centered? Surely you can do a better job of being a narcissist 😉

  4. Saadat says:

    You aren’t a blogger if you aren’t self-centered; narcissism comes naturally to us bloggers.

    By the way, if McCain wins, we might have a chance of not earning that most idiotic political regime award. Sarah Palin will give a tough competition.

    And Absar, ‘defence’ is British while ‘defense’ is American. 😉

  5. Saadat says:

    Okay, scratch the bit about McCain winning; that award is ours.

  6. AamirRaz says:

    Agree with Saadat.
    btw, i lykd the way u commentd on politics in such a funny way 🙂 in the beginning i tuk the post to be too-personal-which-has-nthng-to-do-with-others-including-me, but u goed-on (went-?) smoothly to mock them – the superiors 🙂

  7. Hira S. says:

    Wow. Thanks everyone for actually reading this post. i thought the first paragraph was turn-off enough.

    😀 and mwah!

    Any pics you send over will be welcome yaar, as long as they’re not of Zardari.

    I’m surprised you pinpointed ‘defence’. i’m sure i used the word ‘refurbished’ wrong. And for someone as self-loathing as myself, my blog is narcissism squared.

    Sigh, for the sake of Pakistan’s self respect i was actually rooting for McCain. Sigh again.

    And finally Aamirraz,
    zanks man. But honestly, how can one not mock our superiors? And it’s next to impossible to talk about pakistani politics without making it sound like one big sad little joke. The sarky tone came naturally, without much effort, really.

  8. Absar Shah says:

    @Saadat: Man, you’re just out to get me, aren’t you – first with your dit dots and now this? 😛

    @Hira: Well maybe now that Obama is here, maybe… just maybe we’ll get rid of Zardari somehow? 😛 And well.
    And ah, come on! One thing I know about narcissists (yes, I’m a big one), is that no matter how much we may superficially pretend to loathe ourselves, deep down inside we love ourselves. Or is it just me? 😉

  9. Hira S. says:

    yup love. Just you. I superficially adore myself.

    And I think Zardari might stop visiting the US now he knows Palin won’t be around. I mean, i doubt he’ll want to hug Biden, even if the photographer insists 😀

  10. Absar Shah says:

    Lol @ the Biden joke. Now don’t be so sure about that! 😛

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