Rotaract’s Gilani- there but pointless

The last thing you do is take the world’s most antisocial person, and make her president of a social club. Then expect her to attend meetings and events. Then also expect her to enjoy them. Soon you will probably expect her to sing karaoke (“…and I will love you…baybeh…AAALLLLWAAAYS…!) in one of those fellowship events and ick…even make friends.

Seriously. What were you thinking?

I’m president of the Rotaract club of TIP. Never in my surrealist of dreams did I imagine I would end up being president of a club I spent 3 years hiding in dark spaces to avoid membership of. The minute I got elected unanimously by the graduating Rotaract committee I realized that a) there truly is such a thing as fate and he’s a psychopath on steroids and b) democracy is for the birds.

Ok, fine I’ll admit it. There’s a c) as well. Here it is:

C) I’m a pushover for semi nice-looking, semi literate guys asking me to do them a favor. My brain just fizzles out and dies. It’s a disgusting weakness, I know, but as before I’ll put it down to aesthetics. Had the last Rotaract president been Quasimodo’s long lost twin brother I might have been free as a gypsy right now, driving myself insane with just this thesis and random chichorpana of my class, rather than the thesis, the chichorpana AND rotaract.But he wasn’t, it was flattering he thought i was capable of running a club and I actually thought it might be fun to head something once in my life, rather than stay in the background and do most of the work. But sadly,I do zilch for the club, and that doesn’t stop me from worrying about how I do zilch and deserve to be impeached.

I’m really quite wonderful at doing zilch.

Which makes me pretty sure I’d make a great prime minister of Pakistan, once I put this goddamn conscience to sleep.

3 Responses to “Rotaract’s Gilani- there but pointless”
  1. Majaz says:

    Jo kuch nahee karte kamaal karte hain.

  2. Saadat says:

    This reminds me of the literary society back in undergrad. During the oath-taking ceremony they realized that the newly appointed general secretary (faculty members chose the society officials) of the newly found literary society (faculty members found the society in apparently a highly secret meeting) was missing. They later found out that the general secretary in question was eating a rayt wali challi outside the campus at that time.

    It was fun, though. Whenever the president or vice-president would try to remind me that I was “not taking the society seriously”, I would grin back with a “I haven’t taken the oath”.

    Good times.

  3. Hira S. says:

    @ Saadat
    you were a non-existent general secretary? i’m impressed.A president is not supposed to work but the secretary’s the backbone of everything. My bichaare club’s secretary is the only one actually working. He makes excuses for me at the mother club meetings and tries to make sure this whole thing goesn’t self destruct. Poor boy.

    @ Mahwash
    Hum kamal ke ilawa aur kuch kar bhi nahi sakte :S

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