This Eid i shall have no nails at all- not that i mind, since i use nail polish to decorate my mp3 player and nail polish remover as print transfering liquid.I wouldn’t miss my nails so much if i didn’t feel this recurring desire to scratch someone’s eyes out. Anybody’s at all actually- I’m not picky. It’s just one of my aims in life; to have fingernails long enough to be a potential threat to some random asshole.
Wese this just goes to show you that bad habits do have their positive points. Smoking, for example, makes people look extremely hot, and kills them off fast enough for you to not get over your crush on them. Thus the aura of mystery remains for all eternity.

Khaer, these are the reasons i bit off my nails : i have mounds of work, a horrible thesis art work display on monday which i am absolutely positive i shall fail, and a brain that refuses to be creative. Wake up left side of my cerebrum! What are you on, morphine?

For people who don’t know me at all (and that would be about 99.9 raised to the power of 12% of the world)i’m a future textile designer. Actually, i’ll just be a textile graduate because to be a designer you require a certain measure of social skills, charm, money, family background… as well as the ability to drive…sigh, lots of things contribute to becoming a good designer and creativity plays a very small role. And in my case creativity played such a small role that it decided to overdose on morphine and kill itself off forever. Haye re naqadri!

Submission next monday, eid in between and here i am wasting time.

My thesis advisors will get medieval on my ass* this monday.

* line from Pulp Fiction. Got the movie memorised babbee!

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  1. Majaz says:

    You’ll do great.

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