Summary of the tale of the windshield cleaning child and the grey cultus driver

I dread only one thing more than death, and that’s poverty.

Poverty, which kills your dreams, talent and self respect.

Which makes you stand still while your ego is trampled on.

Which keeps you from striking back.

Poverty kept the windshield-sweeping child from lashing out at the car driver who slapped him.

And pride kept him from crying.

Sigh. And cowardice kept me from crashing my car into the grey cultus the creep was driving.

Allah apni zameen pe itni ra’unat bardasht kyun karta he?

4 Responses to “Summary of the tale of the windshield cleaning child and the grey cultus driver”
  1. Majaz says:

    That’s one scary question I don’t think I can ever bring myself to fully answer.

  2. Saadat says:


  3. BeKn|GhTeD says:

    Because its not Allah’s problem, its ours.
    Freewill kiss machli ka naam nahin hai, its a responsibility, a task which humanity at large has failed at. So lets not place the blame on the almighty for some random man’s bad mood, i think he feels guilty enough for having created us in the first place.

  4. Humna says:

    heh. i was gonna write, “the thoughts that often leads me to blasphamy..” then i read sajjad’s comment.

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