SUV Chronicles: From New York to Florida chap.2

Driving is unbelievably easy in the United States, once you memorize the million or so basic rules, as well as the thousand or so state rules. If you have them down pat, it’s a piece of cake. And assuming you do forget, your friendly neighbourhood highway policeman will be happy to correct you (though he will charge you heavily for the service)

I’ve never seen people as scared of death as American’s are scared of their highway police. They’ll be happily going at 75 mph but the minute they see a police car, not only will they lower their speed to 40, they’ll also put out their cigarettes, tell their children to shut up and muzzle the dog. While we were traveling merrily along we happened to notice the headlights of cars on the opposite freeway blinking like flirty debutantes…going further we realized they were warning us (us as in people traveling south) that there were patrol cars ahead. Now THAT is fear.

It’s kind of impossible taking pictures from a car moving 60 mph. By the time I’d have focused on my subject it would already be a hundred meters behind me. These are the few that came out right.

The topography changes drastically travelling north to south. Where the North Eastern coast is primarily temperate forest, with small towns interspersed between the trees, the South is agriculture land. You’ll see vast fields, hundreds of acres of crops, and one house in the middle. The farmer’s house may be very nicely structured, but honestly if i had to live there i’d die of loneliness and boredom.

But when you keep going south you reach Georgia and Florida. Savannahs and Swamplands. On either side of the road, you’ll see strange wanna-be land. It’s not solid, but it’s not liquid either. It’s just marsh. If you’ve seen Wild Things you’ll know what i’m talking about (sleazy grin)

But one thing stays the same all over the United States. The sky. And when you look up you’ll see layers upon layers of clouds. Their country may be killing the ozone layer over the North Pole, but they sure as hell kept their own sky clean, clear and beautiful.

And you see, that’s what the United States problem is. They’ll play havoc with the rest of the world, but by keeping their own land and society in perfect shape their people will never care about anyone or anyplace else.

One Response to “SUV Chronicles: From New York to Florida chap.2”
  1. Majaz says:

    Sad but true.

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