Laws of Combat

I enjoy arguments. I’m opinionated and self-righteous to a certain degree, thus I’d make an ideal debater. But nothing scares me more than starting a debate on Quack.
Sadly though, if you want to keep an online newsletter alive during vacations you either have to write something controversial, or wait til a politician is murdered and the university is torched. Needless to say the first option is a lot easier to follow.
What really hurts though is that open debate rarely ever remains civil, and unless you don’t want your entire character bullet riddled and bleeding you shouldn’t jump into one, regardless of how sound your arguments are. Because people won’t and can’t stay impersonal- and the easiest thing to do is fall back on the old combat staple, insult.

I guess you’re right Sajjad. I really can’t find the kameengi inside myself to go into politics.

One Response to “Laws of Combat”
  1. Majaz says:

    Offense is the best defense. That’s the one thing Pakistanis know the best.

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