I am not the girl who killed Ironman

Nor Evil Hir-eivel on her yellow scooter

I’m not the Phattu Queen

And I’m not Johnny’s May

I am

Monica Geller

And that

Is truly terrifying.

2 Responses to “Epiphany”
  1. haris_jaf says:

    Ok, you are not completely Monica, u also have Phoebe and Rachael in you.

    With respect to cooking and knowing-a-hell-lot, ok, you are Monica but you are not over controlling (I mean, honestly tumhari sunta kaun hai?).

    With respect to having crazy theory about everything you are Pheebs and also she was believed to become a crazy cat lady one day, so are you. (I don’t know but there is something about you and cats).

    And finally Rachael, who was image conscious and so are you. (There was another similarity between you and Rachel but baad mein batao ga, warna abhi tak to tomato list mein tha, tumhara bharosa nahi kaheen asal mein maarna shuru na kardo)

    And also you are like Ross coz u make me snore! : P

  2. Humna says:

    Sigh. so was i. I think it has to do with the iwonttakeastepoutuntiliknowforSUREczidontquitefancybeingtrampledupon nature 😛

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