Starting to say goodbye

Today was the last working day of the semester. Shazi, Salman, Haris, Haris, Mohsin and Ali’s last working day. And I didn’t go to university. Not that it makes much of a difference to anyone. But I will miss them…Shazi more than anything, considering she’s the one who keeps us together with her stupid jokes, and adorable ditsiness. And Salman, Haris and Mohsin people because I’m so used to seeing them everyday. I don’t want to imagine what next year will be like.

Today was also the day I realized that a serious diet has become an almost necessity for me. The more tensed I get, the more I eat. And did I overdo the eating, tension and eating bit today. I was in a tizzy, so I ate, and then I was in a tizzy because I ate, which made me eat some more. I can actually feel fat molecules accumulating everywhere…oh why can’t we get rid of fat like fibre?

And next year is nothing but worry. And there won’t be any Shazi to go to Mostaro with Awzeen, so she’ll drag me with her, and I won’t like that. And there’ll be no Haris to torture me on the way back home and Salman to say “Sahi he na. Tum kuch kar tau nahi sakti tau kiya fayeda pareshan hone ka” which makes me feel worse rather than better.

And Hassan!!! What will uni be like without Hassan??

There’s one consolation though. If they all fail their thesis they’ll be able to stay for another year.

Nah. That’s too mean a wish even for me.

2 Responses to “Starting to say goodbye”
  1. Majaz says:


    I miss university too.

    Wish I could be with my own best friends forever too.

    Such is life though.

    Sigh x 2.

  2. Humna says:

    You will find newer shinnier people and things 🙂 Nothing makes life stands still. Even what should.

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