Important Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen
Adil Moosajee is officially off my tomato list because he is finally putting my gothic architecture design into production!
So in a month or so, maybe (just maybe) I will enter Ego with a friend and point out to her proudly, “see that? that’s MY design!”
And this is all because I decided to virtually pelt Adil Moosajee with tomatoes.
People who are reading this, create your own tomato, or egg, or paintball list. It gets results,I assure you. Jason Castro has been kicked off the Idols, Nawaz Sharif is out of the government, and Meera… well just being Meera is downfall enough.

Oh, and Haris Jafri is now on my tomato list as well. Jafri, you’re going down.

One Response to “Important Announcement”
  1. Majaz says:

    Wish it were that easy.

    Some people don’t even get JINXED to be discarded from the universe.

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