Le!!! Tamatar kha!!!!

When I was in school I had one wish…to slide down the banisters on the last day. It didn’t come true since I’m a wuss. I’m the Phattu Queen; except, of course, when I’m drunk on coke and overworked. Then I become Evil Hir-ievel and jump through society’s ring of fire on my yellow scooter, and land in the middle of the valley of embarrassment with my foot in my mouth. Taalian!! What a trick!

Anyway, on to the tomato awards: Here’s a list of people who deserve to be tomatoed:

  • Mohsin Sahab ( for promising to get rid of the Makrani a week ago. Mohsin sahib- you lied…!?)
  • The Makrani- who should be egged and toilet papered as well
  • Nawaz Sharif- for being the dumbest public figure in the world
  • Chris Martin of Coldplay- for making me feel single, and lonely and very very sad…
  • Arshi Valliani – just to see how she’d react…he he
  • Adil Moosajee- A-S-S-H-O-L-E
  • Meera- because she’s so fabboolous
  • Mohsin Ali Sadiq- blech.
  • Jason Castro- why is he still on Idols?
  • Hilary Clinton- because Obama would make a hot president.
  • Nadya Mistry- enough said.
  • The Makrani again- (and just AFTER he cleans himself up)

Hmm…I’ll add people later. It’s always nice to have a list.

One Response to “Le!!! Tamatar kha!!!!”
  1. Majaz says:

    If you need help with tomato-funding, be sure to holler.

    I’m all ears.

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