Untitled Blog #2

UFF!!! Kiya satyanaas mara he main ne apne hourlies ka! I’m so screwed…there goes my dream of another 3.5+ GP. Khaer, it happens. Shit happens. If it didn’t, we’d all have constipation and a constipated world is an unhappy world. Let us thank God for shit, Amen.

Hmm…so I’ve massacred my chance for a Dean’s list, as well as given up on going to Germany for Heimtex (is that how you spell it?) and am clueless about CAD and marketing. This is going to be a bad semester. Sigh…and I really really really want money.

I’m serious, I need money. I have to buy a camera, a drawing tablet, a new look for myself, books, art material, maybe a car, as well as somebody to drive it for me, and a turtle which I will call Obi wan Knobi as a tribute to George Lucas’s amazing naming skills. Hassan stole “bling bling” which was the name originally planned for my future turtle friend but since it’s Hassan he’s forgiven.

And sadly, what with my grades dropping below sea level I can’t ask my dad for anything like a raise in my allowance or a loan. I’m not violent, so robbing a bank is out of the question; not promiscuous, so I can’t sell myself. I can write, but I digress so much none of my writing makes much sense. Plus, what do I write about? I’m not passionate about anything. I’m a gila monster! Slither, slither, flick tongue…

I can’t help thinking I came into the wrong field. Or maybe I just came to the wrong place. Or maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing at all. Maybe I can’t apply myself to anything. Maybe all I’m fit for is sitting in a corner, biting off the few millimeters of fingernails I have left and making sarky comments at people who are more talented, focused, and hard-working then me. Is there a career option for lazy bums who are bitter about everything in the world in which they have to do nothing but be lazy cynical bums?

2 Responses to “Untitled Blog #2”
  1. Abid says:

    Oh yara, relax. You digress so much its difficult to figure a coherent response. Here are two: You are not in any field — the purpose of going to college is to grow up another four years before entering the greater world, think a lot about the f*-all you do during those four years (which is mostly nada anyway for most people), be bombarded with silly and unreasoned opinions about ‘real life’ and then get scared to death about how resposible you gotta be once you leave school… and then, and then you finally leave school and all your fears and apprehensions have molded you into a better (and unfortunately more bitter) and responsible ‘career-ready’ person.

    The second response: Get busy, write for Quack!

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